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What is a successful relationship? What does a successful relationship even look like? We may have all wondered these questions at some point in our life.

A common misconception is learning to communicate more effectively will fix your relational issues. Although communication is one of the key factors in understanding and facilitating connection within the relationship, it is in my opinion, that communication itself can’t sustain a successful relationship or deepen the connection and intimacy entirely.
So what’s a successful relationship and what’s the effective recipe to get there?

Firstly, you must note that every relationship must have a foundation which is “Friendship” and you would agree with me that without a strong foundation, the house is bound to fall. Therefore the first step to building a successful relationship is by building strong friendship foundation with your partner, this is one of the things that can keep you strong during those days when you’re struggling to love each other, during the hard times and temptations, Friendship will keep you going.

Another wonderful recipe is a dose of honesty. A relationship where both partners are open to each other, both in there feelings too can hardly go wrong. Being honest and open with each other builds up Trust which is actually the third recipe of a successful relationship. Trust is earned and you do not earn trust by telling little white lies, being secretive and keeping stuff from your partner.

The next interesting dose is Intimacy, this is very important but most people take it for granted because they feel it’s common. Intimacy here doesn’t necessarily mean “sex”, a hug, a kiss on the forehead, a peck, cuddling, even sitting together to watch a movie or have a heart to heart discussion and yes sex are all forms of intimacy that all couples should practice more often.

Commitment and Consistency are also included in the recipe for a successful relationship. Being committed to your partner, staying faithful and being consistent with giving your time and attention, showing your love and how much you care about them will go a long way to keep your relationship alive and strong.

Other recipes includes being romantic, Gifts, showing support, protection, words of encouragement, giving a listening ear.

Let’s not forget the cherry on top, the icing of the cake, the only thing that turns all the mixture into a full course meal “LOVE”. It makes all things beautiful… Of course all of this comes naturally when you’re truly in love with someone… Let’s learn to put all of this together to make a full meal of successful relationship, It’s not easy but it’s worth it for the one who deserves it.

Keep staying safe and have a blessed day.


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