=> Crying.

Nothing makes a guy roll his eyes quicker than a woman who can basically cry on demand. You don’t need that drama in your relationship. If at any given point in the day, you break out crying for whatever little reasons, and you see your man get up and walk away to another room, it’s probably so he can throw punches at the air, and pull his hair out in agony, to your minor problems that get made to seem massive. I’m not saying don’t cry. But I am saying, when it’s something he said and he hurt your feelings, crying is something that will wake him up and receive the pity you are seeking. But if you are on the phone and start crying because your friend is crying, or if you are arguing with him about something meaningless and begin to cry the louder your voice gets, knock it off. It just comes off as unnecessary drama.

=> Still Friends With Your Ex ~ “He’s a really cool guy, you guys would be friends!”

It just didn’t work out between us.
 Men hate it. More women than men have shown this behavior, and it’s not cool. If you are still friends with your exes, no matter what the status is between you guys, let it go. Here’s a hint, the men that are still in your life, want to have sex with you. They do not care if you have a boyfriend because they are wolves. They care even less if he’s the right one for you and they weren’t. They will be compassionate to your needs, and they will be everything your current boyfriend is not. Keep in mind too, they will also be everything they weren’t when you guys were together. Why? “Because I’ve changed sweetie.” Yea right. They go back to their lazy lying selves once more, as soon as they’ve conquered the “mega mountain” that is you. That is all they want. They will leave you trying to pick up the pieces to your life again, and you won’t know what happened.

=> Mothering Him: He already has a mother. Let him be.

It’s one thing to wash his dishes at his apartment when he’s still sleeping. It’s also one thing when you cook him breakfast after a night of passionate lovemaking. But it’s a whole other story if you decide to take his calls, ask him where is he going if he chooses to get up off the couch and go to the bathroom. Clean up after him, or, wait up for him at night when he’s out with the guys. Instead of asking him how his night was, you take the motherly approach by grilling him “where were you?” “why didn’t you call?” If there is trust in the relationship there should be no reason for this.

=> Competitiveness:

Just because you are a better long distance runner than him, doesn’t mean you have to always outshine him when you guys go running together.
Making him feel guilty for never wanting to go jogging together. There is a reason for that. It happens when you guys go out together and you end up setting a pace a block ahead of him, and when he’s huffing and puffing for air, taking quick walk breaks, just the sight of you so far in the distance ahead, makes him sick to his stomach. You’ve ruined the chance of any future runs together as his inadequacies come out full force, and the conflict subsides because he chooses to harbor all that ill will inside. Once this happens, major turn off.

=> Flakiness:

 Failing to call back, missing meet-ups, always being late, taking up too much time to get ready, all make him wonder if you have the right intentions.
If you guys just met, and you really like him. Avoid the sketchy behavior. You gave him your phone number for a reason, if you in fact like him, pick up the damn phone and talk to him. Make solid plans. Don’t keep him hanging on by a thread. I’m telling you right now, chances are he’s going to let you pass by the greatest thing that ever came into your life: him.

=> Nagging When You’re Not Married: Or nagging him about not being married. Yet.
It’s seriously the worst thing a woman can do to a guy to turn him off. Sure, keep bugging him about when he’s going to propose to you. Keep asking him in front of his friends and nudging him making jokes about it, if you don’t think he knows what you’re doing, you’re wrong. The worst part about this is, you take the fun out of any future proposal, making it feel like it should just now be a formality.

=> Giving Ultimatums: “It’s either the band or me.”

Before you started dating, you knew what he was about. You knew because you met him at one of his gigs! Also to boot, the first thing he told you on date #1 was, “Music is my life, don’t ever ask me to let that go for you. It would be the most difficult decision I could ever make. But music is not leaving.” He put out all the cards on the table, and you still don’t understand. In fact, the gears you’re grinding are directly revolving around the one thing he told you, he’d leave you for. Why push things in this direction? Are you that much of a control freak that you need to know where he puts you on his priority list? Is being together not good enough for you? You need to try and destroy his passions, and life’s ambitions as well? But to be fair, this goes both ways. If you love someone, make sure to support them in everything they do. There are some things you just can’t change. People DO change. But, they have to change from the inside out. Not the other way around.

=>Being Boring In Bed (This is for Mature minds only) : Always wanting to do it the same way, and never “wanting it” just accepting it. Consensual sex is the only type of sex, but don’t act indifferent to sex all together.

When having sex, it makes them feel like you don’t care one way or the other. That’s no fun for anyone! You don’t have to be as adventurous as an adult film star, but the less you communicate while in bed, the less attractive the idea of being in bed becomes.