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Attracting the perfect partner doesn’t necessarily come when you’re going out of your way to look good and stunning, going on dates, hanging out with friends and making sure you’re not sitting duck brooding about your life. Nah, Attraction comes when you sit down to review certain things.

Firstly, there’s a reason why you are single at that point in time, whether it’s his/her fault or yours. The first attraction tip is to understand that it’s over and you don’t necessarily need to be with someone else almost immediately but what you need is to be with yourself. Yes!

Being Single isn’t a punishment but rather a blessing, why? Because you have all the time you need to build yourself, work on achieving your dreams, take that trip that you’ve always wanted to take, make that hair, get that body shape. This is the first rule of attracting someone. LOVING YOURSELF!!!

When you’ve achieved this then it’s easy to know what you want and what you actually deserve, it will help you not to settle for less and reduce the chances of getting hurt again because you will be able to differentiate between being in love with someone and being loved by someone. When you get to this point, accepting someone into your life is no longer because you feel that your happiness is tied to being with someone but rather because being with each other brings out the best in you both.

You can decide to write down what you want in your partner or make a mental picture of who you would like to be with and before you do this, make sure that the points you’re noting down are vital points and good relationship goals that won’t leave you heartbroken.

At this point you need to stay positive about this because having negative thoughts or a biased mindset about the opposite sex will only attract that to kind you.

Another attraction tip is “BE WHO YOU WANT TO ATTRACT”. You cannot be rude, dirty or even jobless and expect to attract the opposite of yourself. Nope, things do not work that way and the earlier you start working on yourself the better your chances are in attracting the right kind of person. This is very achievable if you believe and start practicing.

Finally, adopt an attitude of gratitude… One of the sure fire way to increase your happiness is by becoming grateful for what you already have. Find the silver lining for every situation in your life. You can be grateful to wake up every day with an opportunity to meet someone new. When you show appreciation, you attract more goodness into your life.

Happy Monday and have a blessed week ahead. Don’t forget to drop a comment and subscribe to the blog. Stay safe.


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